Hi! I’m Charlotte. img-4913.jpg

I’m a degree-qualified cosmetic chemist, which means that I got paid to imagine, design and produce every kind of skincare and beauty product imaginable. I was even lucky enough to be hired as Senior Formulation Chemist at a large company that makes products for a heap of famous (and fabulous) international brands. #worldsmostawesomejob

As much as I love getting my geek on and fiddling with formulas to find the perfect recipe, I’m also desperately in love with everything homemade. And now, after years of developing my own range by gifting personalised cosmetic creations to friends and family, I’ve combined my passions and launched Charlotte’s Lab.

So there you have it. Every Charlotte’s Lab product has been formulated, produced and sold by me. And because I’m responsible for every step of the process, I know exactly what is in each and every product. Better than that, I can even tell you exactly why each ingredient has made the cut.

All products have undergone rigorous safety testing (never on animals) because I’m picky about what I’ll put on my skin and I’d never sell anything I wouldn’t use myself.

I’m based in the beautiful and vibrant Goulburn Valley, Victoria.